To Join

To become a new member, a current member must wish to sell his/her unit. Member Deborah Curtiss maintains a waiting list of interested persons, which she provides to the seller upon their decision to sell. The documents below pertain to applying for membership. Interested persons should first read 01 Membership Eligibility and 02 Letter of Introduction before contacting Deborah to be put on her list. Items 03 through 10 pertain to applying to purchase a member share in GSAC.

01 Membership Eligibility
02 Intro letter
03a Buyer Instructions
03b Seller Instructions
03c GSAC Sell Instructions
04 Membership Application
05 Sales Agreement, Cert. of Sale
06 GSAC Bylaws
07 GSAC Handbook
08 GSAC Proprietary Lease
09 GSAC Financial Information
10 Applicant Interview Questions

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